The Preemie Project

The Preemie Project, the highest expression of Origami’s philosophy, was created to respond to the needs of premature hospitalized children. For them we have designed garments that are compatible with hospital equipment and with diagnostic tests to which they are subjected. These children need comfortable clothes for both wearability and fabric, and nothing is more appropriate than the milk fiber that nourishes, protects and hydrating their delicate skin.Collezione preemie fibra di latte Origami

Our goal is to DONATE to the main NICU departments of the national territory this special collection, to dress all the little patients. An ambitious goal, to reach which we also need your help.

For this reason, we thought up to devolve, for each item that will be bought on our online shop, one euro for the realization of this special project.

The Preemie collection, made with love, in milk fiber and organic cotton, was designed by the Origami team in collaboration with the medical staff of Cesena Maurizio Bufalini Hospital, in particular with the nurses and obstetricians who every day, with their work, take care of these little ones and support their families.

Help us to cuddle and protect these children by purchasing Origami products.

The Bodysuit made from milk fiber and organic cotton jersey, is totally openable, so you can easily change the baby and adjust the openings according to the amount and position of instruments applied to him. The garment, made from a single piece of fabric, does not present annoying and cumbersome seams.

In the five anchorage points of the bodysuit we have inserted velcro closures instead of the traditional metal automatic buttons. In this way it will be possible to perform diagnostic tests such as magnetic resonance without having to undress the newborn. Other garments of collection were also designed by following these precautions: t-shirts, shorts and baby hats.

A naturally caring MINI collection.

We believe in the commitment to make our children grow in a better world. This means taking care of the little ones, their health and the world in which they will grow up. Our personal experiences, and those of some friends, have inspired us to create a collection entirely dedicated to these great little warriors, helping them with appropriate, beautiful, safe clothing and created with a conscious and eco-sustainable production.

Carefully constructed, the Preemie collection includes baby hat, bodysuit, shorts and kimono t-shirt.