Fashion industry is one of the most polluting in the world. It’s used more water than in any other sector, including agriculture sector, and it’s responsible for unfair working conditions of  millions people.
We need a change!
Origami was born with the aim of creating clothes that are good for our children, putting first their health and their future, so we try not to overlook the social and environmental aspects of production.
We propose a lifestyle, a gesture of love towards our children, towards ourselves and towards the world around us.


The production of clothes will always have an environmental impact. Our challenge is to minimize it. The to-do list list never ends, but we are committed to achieving sustainable production.

This is how


Origami, together with other apparel brands, undertakes to change the Fast Fashion system. But our work alone is not enough: the way you take care of your clothes represents 25% of the impact that Fashion industry has on the environment.

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