Origami’s products are made entirely from eco friendly materials. Eco friendly materials are materials that have a low environmental impact, such as organic cotton and milk fiber.


The chemicals are used in different stages of production of almost all textile products. The challenge is to avoid those that are toxic, harmful to the environment and to our health. Because our products are used by children, this topic is very important to us. We work actively to limit the use of chemicals in all our products. We do this by choosing eco friendly materials, with European certifications.


The environmental impact of textile industry depends largely on the choices of human beings. What we can do is minimize our waste and dispose of it at its best.

We use environmental standards that require suppliers to work respecting policies and eco-sustainable processes, so we rely on a production entirely Made in Italy and we do our best to optimize each production lot by reusing, when possible, even the waste of previous work.


Upcycling means using waste or remaining materials to create new products. Some of our garments and accessories are made with residual fabric from our previous productions. Instead of producing new raw material, we take care of our waste and give it value. In this way we minimize waste, valorizing production waste.