Our materials

We work exclusively with natural and sustainable fabrics, which have a very low impact on environment.
The production and dyeing of fabrics are entrusted to a Tuscan company that boasts many years in the study and development of innovative, sustainable and organic fabrics.

Organic cotton and milk fiber fabrics have OEKO-TEX® certification.


Milk fiber is derived from casein. It’s made from waste milk, that is expired milk or milk discarded due to strict food standards.

Milk fiber is part of the regenerated protein fibers, i.e. artificial fibers produced from non-fibrous proteins of animal or vegetable origin.

It’s light, hypoallergenic, antibacterial and breathable, it guarantees a rapid absorption of sweat, leaving the body fresh and dry thanks to its thermoregulatory properties. The milk’s amino acids that remain inside the fiber itself take care of the skin, even the most delicate, by nourishing and hydrating it.


The cotton used by Origami is organic or recycled, cultivated without using toxic pesticides and synthetic fertilizers. Compared to conventional cotton, organic cotton is safer both for people working in the manufacturing sector and for consumers.