About Us

Origami is an apparel brand for babies from 0 to 24 months made from milk fiber and organic cotton. The fabrics so composed are natural, eco-friendly and rich in beneficial properties that can take care of your child's skin, respecting the environment and the people who make it. Ours proposal is a lifestyle, a gesture of love towards our children, towards ourselves and towards the world around us.

The design of our products comes directly from our experience.

Think about how frustrating it is to buy a cute little dress only to find out that you cannot fully exploit it because it is extremely uncomfortable. Our approach to design starts from here.

A minimal and baby-oriented design is what characterizes our garments, which are thought to ensure the greatest possible comfort to your baby. That is why we worked to eliminate all possible stress factors connected with clothes, such as labels and the irritation they cause when in contact with our skin (which is particularly the case for newborns), while supporting the need for movement and functionality that all stages of the baby’s growth require..

The love for our babies also means taking good care of the planet they will live in. The use of milk fiber allows for the production of eco-friendly items of clothing, with a low environmental impact. Milk fiber is obtained from dairy waste (always following strict production standards), its manufacture is completely chemicals-free and it allows for a considerable water saving: in order to produce a kilo of milk fiber less than 2 liters of water are needed, which is a considerably smaller amount in comparison to the 10 thousand liters employed to produce the same amount of cotton.

Maria Maddalena Falaschi 


The idea behind this brand was born four years ago, when a small creature of 3,350 kg became part of my life, filling it with tenderness and love. It was only a matter of time before I realized that I had to do something in return and make my contribution, even the smallest, to compensate for this unique gift. 

My passion for clothing, the constant search for innovation and a deep bond with tradition have completed my simple idea, turning it into a real business.

Giuditta Gelsumini


I was born in Prato, a historic Italian center specialized in the production and processing of fabrics. Since I was a child, I played around with thread bobbins and wooden spindles with my sisters, eventually learning how to recognize different types of fabric and their quality.

My mother used to paint fine fabrics by hand (blankets and curtains above all) so it was from her that I learned the love for art, painting and architecture, subject in which I graduated.

My 8-year experience in the field of communication, obtained by working at various web agencies, the passion for my work and the birth of my son Leonardo pushed me to invest everything in this beautiful company.

Sonia Di Benedetto


I saw the birth of Origami from its earliest beginnings, when it was still only the thesis project of my best friend. In that period, I was studying the main human cognitive processes (such as perception, attention, memory and learning) and I was fascinated by the importance they have both in the development of newborns and in the choices we make everyday.

For this reason, I decided to become part of the Origami team, committing to give my contribution to the creation of garments that meet the most profound needs of children and their parents.